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12 hours ago
Wareham: A crew from Poole and Weymouth attended the scene of an RTC after a car collided with a lamppost on Burton Cross Roundabout, Woo… Details
12 hours ago
Bridport: Crews from Bridport and Charmouth tackled a fire in the engine bay of a double decker bus on the Junction of West Street and Tan… Details
1 day ago
Westbourne: Property Fire at Long Johns, Herbert Avenue, Poole Details

Video of Dorset Fire Authority (DFA) meeting on the 4th of November 2014.

DFA have agreed to a potential merger with Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authoirty. Follow this link to watch the video of the entire meeting.

The Final Consultation Report from Opinion Research Services on the formal consultation is now available to read.

Could you make a difference and become a Community Volunteer or a On-Call (Retained) Firefighter?

We are run by the Authority and work in partnership with others to help make Dorset safer by:

  1. 1
    Understanding the risks to our communities
  2. 2
    Delivering activities which prevent incidents happening in the first place
  3. 3
    Protecting businesses and enforce fire safety measures where we have to
  4. 4
    Responding quickly and efficiently

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December 17, 2014
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 December 17, 2014

RT @DorsetFireChief: Combination Order sent to @CommunitiesUK for new @DorsetFire & @WiltsFire combined fire authority to commence Apr '16
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