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1 day ago
Portland: Crews from Portland have extinguished two separate fires on Clovens Road and Grove Road Details
2 days ago
Westbourne: 43 Fire fighters tackle blaze at property on Banks Road, Sandbanks. Details
2 days ago
Westbourne: 8 fire engines currently tackling property fire at Banks Road, Sandbanks. Details


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We are run by the Authority and work in partnership with others to help make Dorset safer by:

  1. 1
    Understanding the risks to our communities
  2. 2
    Delivering activities which prevent incidents happening in the first place
  3. 3
    Protecting businesses and enforce fire safety measures where we have to
  4. 4
    Responding quickly and efficiently

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August 6, 2014
Chief's Blog 6th August 2014
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 August 21, 2014

Got any plans this weekend? #Gillingham & #Portland fire stations are having open days - why not pop along
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